One-Liner Wednesday — Ride the cow.

"When you ain't got a horse, you ride the cow." — NORMA MILLER, legendary Lindy hopper and the Queen of Swing, quoting her mother on how to get through the hard times I thought about my grandparents (born during the turn of the century) and my parents (growing up before Civil Rights) when I first… Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday — Ride the cow.

[movies] Scarface: “You want a war? Come on! Bring it! Okay?”

When I hear or read the word "scar face", I immediately think of Al Pacino and the 1983 film where he brought "Tony Montana" to life. It was only version I'd seen (I haven't read the original novel), but one thing that's certain in this day and age is there's usually an earlier version of… Continue reading [movies] Scarface: “You want a war? Come on! Bring it! Okay?”