Me On DramaFever. (2016)


I’m a freelance writer for DramaFever, which is now available in over 20 countries. Links to my Pop culture, fashion, Rain (비/Jung Ji Hoon), and special interest news articles are listed below and will be updated weekly.



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[11/16] You probably didn’t know that C-drama Endless August isn’t Rain and Victoria’s first “rodeo”

[9/2] Rain looked heavenly in white on the Miss Vietnam 2016 Red Carpet

[8/15] Most people spend or wear gold, but in Kyoto you can eat it

[8/3] WATCH: PSY, Rain, and WINNER get the wins at the MTV Asia Music Gala 2016

[7/28] WATCH: 6 steps to making a tiny edible bento box lunch that miniature food lovers will adore

[7/20] Rain, STELLAR, Lovelyz, and Snuper bring K-Pop to the BOY London fashion show in Beijing

[7/13] Rain holds down the fort at Endless August press conference while leading lady Victoria finishes prior commitments

[6/21] There was a Japanese family who lived in a milk carton

[6/16] Miss Vietnam 2016 forecasts Rain during this year’s grand finale

[6/7] Bunnies on Japan’s Rabbit Island are still there and waiting for food

[6/3] WATCH Rain explain the 3 steps to becoming the perfect man for Mentholatum Skincare for Men

[6/1] Rain hits No. 1 on China’s QQ Music Chart after his Running Man China appearance

[5/25] WATCH with English subs: Rain blows into China and competes on Running Man China 4

[4/27] Rain is laid back and fashion-forward for May’s CosmoMen

[4/20] Rain wraps up Please Come Back, Mister with charitable gifts for the cast and crew

[3/31] Please Come Back, Mister PD says Rain and Lee Moon Shik are like castaways on the moon

[2/18] 10 Things you should probably do if you die and come back in Rain’s body

[1/21] Come Back, Mister cast gears up for February 24 premiere