One-Liner Wednesday — Because of you, I ate off this plate.


A couple of hours ago, I was switching TV channels and ran across the new T.D. Jakes Show. A young business owner named Mason was telling the Bishop and his audience about finding a thank you letter (above) from a homeless veteran who was fed at his shop (Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, in Philadelphia) because of the kindness of strangers. At first, the paper plate looked like a piece of discarded trash. But then Mason turned it over.

This is what he said about that paper plate.

“I just thought that was a great metaphor, you know, where something that is a little bit messy on the surface is actually quite beautiful when you get a closer look.”
— Mason, owner of Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, on the T.D. Jakes Show 8/26/2015

This resonated deeply with me. It occurred to me that the same can be said of many things that cross our paths. People. Places. Things.

Including Rosa’s Fresh Pizza itself.

If you haven't heard yet, Rosa's Fresh Pizza in #Philadelphia is not your average pizza shop. Owner Mason Wartman introduced a dollar slice menu with one important principle, “paying it forward.” Buy a Post-It® Note and stick it anywhere you can find room on his walls and someone can trade that in for a free slice of pie. It’s that simple. This social entrepreneur’s story has gone viral and through this success, he’s been able to feed over 40 homeless people a day. Join us in supporting Mason Wartman’s cause and sharing in his belief of paying it forward. On February 21st, we’re coming together from throughout the Tri-State area for a #instameet photo walk in #Philly then heading over to Rosa's Fresh Pizza for what else, but pizza! RSVP - (link in the bio) Thank you everyone for making this possible especially! Albert (@urphillypal) Chris (@apeekthroughmylens) Mason (@rosasfreshpizza) #payitforwardmeet #communityfirst #nationalpizzaday #newyork #connecticut #newjersey #globalgrammers

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