When a Titan wakes up, you should run, not walk.


Poseidon image source: dvdbeaver.com/film/reviews/jason

I’m sitting here happily watching Jason and the Argonauts (1963) on Turner Classic Movies tonight, one of Ray Harryhausen’s finest works in Dynamation (stop-motion animation).

Even with all the progress that’s been made in movie special effects today, there is something special about stop-motion and the classic films that used it. I’ve been a die-hard fan since discovering their existence as a teenager, and I always will be. They’re magical, unlike the updates and remakes that came after.

Mr. Harryhausen passed away last year at a ripe old age. He went where no man had gone before, and has all my respect, may he rest in peace.

Image source: dvdbeaver.com/film/reviews/jason

Image source: dvdbeaver.com/film/reviews/jason

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